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Unbelievable! This just makes me sick. What is wrong with people? Once this gets out, ordinary NY'ers won't stand for it.

I'm not so sure about NY'ers not standing for it, Miss J. We're still a tolerant and accepting nation. Just like the UK and France - and you see where that's gotten them. I fear it's only a matter of time until we see the types of problems that they are currently experiencing.

Sorry, where has religious tolerance "gotten" the UK, exactly? I live around the corner from the (in)famous Harrow Mosque, and probably have a higher level of religious, political and social freedom than many Americans - especially your poor, vilified "liberals".

And in a country where the right-wing media is saturated in pointed editorial - i.e. articles like this one - why are people who think for themselves branded "sheeple"?

I suppose it would be a dull world without angry little conspiracy theorists and intolerant curmudgeons. Watch your stress levels though; the angrier you get, the older you won't! :)

Stick around and maybe you will see where all of your multi culti mumbo jumbo and bending over backwards to create a special Muslim class has gotten the UK, Mr. Harrovian.

I beg to differ about your blanket statement claiming that you as a UK citizen have a higher level of religious, political and social freedom than Americans.

I have a Concealed Carry license for my 357 magnum - do you?

Thanks for playing though!

"Create a special Muslim class"? Nope, nothing like that over here. You must have us confused with something scary yet daft that someone made up.

But I did like "multi culti mumbo jumbo". I suppose at least you have the guts to admit you're a racist, although that's not necessarily a point in your favour.

One of the great anti-fascist chants from the other day was:
"Follow your leader!
Shoot yourself like Adolf Hitler!"

And you are so lucky to have the freedom to do exactly that. :)

Boy - it sure didn't take you long to start name calling and playing the race card. And when all else fails trot out Adolf Hitler, right mate?

Telling me to shoot myself was a nice touch, though.

(Perhaps you should think about changing your cuppa to decaf. Just sayin'.)

What exactly is NOT racist about "multi culti mumbo jumbo"? You brought that one up.

And that was an actual chant from the Harrow Mosque demo; I only mentioned it because it seemed to chime in so nicely with how freedom means guns. (That's a judgment call.)

For the record, I don't believe you personally follow Hitler (that wasn't my point) and I don't want you to shoot yourself.

I'm just saying that the freedom to carry lethal weaponry is, for want of a better cliché, a double-edged sword. (A whole other debate though.) Just be careful where you point that thing.

Multi-Culti mumbo jumbo is now racist? That's a bit of a stretch, Sir.

I did comprehend that it was a ridiculous chant made up by the United Fascists at the Harrow rally. But, thank you for clearing that up about my being a Hitler devotee and shooting myself.

I feel so much better now. /right

You might want to think about heeding your own advice when 'shooting off your mouth' and just be careful where (and how) you point that thing.

Just my humble opinion, of course.

"United Fascists" - ha ha, that's clever, misdirection. Well done Dinah - or should that be Dinallah? YOU are the true face of the Islamic conspiracy, with your blog set to make anyone who agrees with you look like a ranting, racist, ignorant fool.

Please. See? Misdirection. Okay, I lied about it being clever.

By multi-cultural it's obvious you mean multi-racial. You mock it in order to reject it. If you reject a multi-racial society, you're not too far from re-segregating the buses. But "multi culti mumbo jumbo" sounds more palatable. Again, misdirection.

I've clearly outstayed my welcome though. I've given a less insane perspective on the SIOE coming to Harrow, that's all I set out to do, I really didn't mean to rise to the bait of dead-end conversing with perfectly reasonable sounding nutjobs but hell, I sometimes can't help myself.

I'll check your classy, veiled threat at the door on my way out. You fight with monsters you become them, so I'd better be getting out of this cave now. Your e-mail alerts aren't working so I won't know if you respond to this.

Take care.

God bless.

Allahu Akbar.


Mr. Harrovian-

Funny thing.

The only one "ranting" and "raving" around here?

Why, it would seem to be YOU.

The only one throwing around words like "racist", "conspiracy theorists", "daft", "intolerant" "ignorant", "insane", "misdirection", "fool", "nutjobs", "monsters", "Hitler"?

That would be YOU.

The only one making far out claims and outlandish assumptions? (See multi-culti mumbo jumbo = a belief in re-segregation.)

Why, that would be YOU, again!

For someone who claims to have been giving me the benefit of your "less insane perspective", well, YOU sure could have fooled me.

Stay classy, dude.


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