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Great video - and, great Pants On Fire sign! Well done. Clap clap clap clap clap.

Thanks, Joe! Hope your inspired!

Great video and commentary. Keep up the great work. God bless our Republic!

AWESOME Dinah! You have been busy working to keep these bastards in check.

To bad you couldn't just belt that "biotch" in the mouth...

Here's a big thunbs-up from Columbus Ohio!

And I love the picture video of the event. What is the name of that song?????

Dinah , you Kick Ass !

Thank you so much Gail and psycopatt1 (great nic. haha) I have to admit that mixing it up with a moonbat was the last thing I thought would have happened that day! Crazy.

Thanks to you too, Twinny. Someone else told me I should employ the ELBOW STRIKE or SHIN STOMP the next time it happens. Maybe I better go back to Krav Maga! Hahaha.

The song is by Sonny Terry McGhee and is called: Sweet Woman Blues

Crap. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. PIMF.

You rock! Reason #375 why I luv ya! What a great video slide show. Digging on the soundtrack.


Don't you know you're too well-dressed? Now they'll know you're part of the Brooks Brothers Brigade of Astroturfed Mob-dom. You should wear cr@ppy jeans and oversized T-shirts and maybe forget to bathe for a day or two, and then they'll think you're one of them and leave you alone.

I read the story and saw pictures (and loved your sign) on another blog (I've lost the link - might have found it through Michelle Malkin). What a thrill to see on Janice's blog that it was YOU!!!!

Go get 'em, Tiger!

I am pleased that at least ONE "man" from the ObamaPuppet side came to see that you were okay and to apologize for this lunatic's Anti-American, fascistic, Stalinist attack on your free speech, Dinah.

Keep up the good work.

Velvethammer! You are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by and giving me props.

(If only you and Twinny could have been there. That moonbag would have been goin' down!)

Haha. Just realized I typed moonbag - not moonbat. I guess that works, too.

Thanks so much Skye. Isn't this just a scream? And how about wearing those big a$$ pearls as a subtle dig at La Pelosi. You know how she's always wearing them. I think she has at least 5 different strands and believe me when I say they cost some serious jack. It must be good to be queen.

LOL about the Brooks Brothers, too. You know what they say, 'You can take the girl out of the Brooks Brothers, but you can't take the Brooks Brothers out of the girl'.

Cheers - D

I was pleasantly surprised by that as well, JPousson. He really did seem genuinely concerned.

Go figure.

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