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What a great photo! Would have given anything to stand next to you.

That crazy moonbat wouldn't have had a chance if you were there, Vegasgal.

How hysterical is that darn pic?

Dinah ~ Thank you for standing up strong and helping to defend our rights. We love ya!

(I am from Doc Bulldog's site)

Oh Dinah, I actually love that picture of you!

You totally fit the MSM's profile; you're "dressed neatly" unlike your shabby opponent there standing to your right.

**Girl-friend didn't even loose a pearl during the minor scuffle! You GO Dinah, give'em HELL!**

Thank YOU Cav Mom! I appreciate the kind words and the visit.

Leave it to you, Twinny to pick up on my spoof of La Pelosi's pearls. You're the best.

I think you are a great lady, Dinah. Well-done. I have to stay the heck away from these events because I will not stand idly by when FASCISTS like "Shirely V" and the rest of the rent-a-mob shturmentruppen rip signs out of AMERICANS' hands to make The Botox Wonder think her brand of fascism is welcome in OUR town.

You seem like a classy lady, Dinah.

"Shirley V"? Snitch on your neighbors recently, you despicable KAPO???

Aw shucks, JPousson. You're making me blush.

I rarely venture out to these types of things either, but because I am so strongly opposed to Obamacare I figured I better get off my duff and get out there.

BTW-you have another chance to see Nancy Pelosi. She's coming back to OUR town tomorrow and will be visiting at the SAME homeless clinic. Now, what's up with that?

Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of town - would you go in my place? ;^D Maybe you could go a few rounds with Shirley V. I bet that would be the last sign she ripped out of anybody's hands! haha.

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