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Enjoy the visitors Dinah, hope they're not too much work for you. :)


I'm surprised that you, of all people, would side with an Islamophobic degenerate, who claims that Islam is not a religion because Muslims consider the Koran God's word and Christians consider the Bible man's word, over MASH.

I am very disappointed in you.


huh? Obama is an islamophobe?

enjoy the guests Dinah!:)

Enjoy a few days off!

Obama will provide plenty of laughs and scares in the next few days - including responding to North Korea's nuclear test by - changing the subject. The new SCOTUS nominee will provide plenty of blog material!


Thanks for the best wishes, gang. Dropped the guests off at the airport this afternoon and am trying to regain my equilibrium. MK - I was chief cook and bottle washer for this diet conscious crowd. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner - thank you very much. And this was after the coffee, toast and cereal setup in the guest kitchen outside the guest room. The dishwasher was going morning, noon and night and my poor dogs were barking. I just kept saying "honor thy father and thy stepmother" over and over like a mantra...

And dear sweet Angel, dental surgery is beginning to look like a pleasant alternative to another round of house guests. ;^D

Kyros - you always make me laugh. And God knows, I needed one.

MAS1916 - Thanks for the good wishes and the excellent link. It's going to be laughs and scares galore, isn't it? What about the sotto voce introduction of the VAT? And the pogrom against the Chrysler dealers? Good Lord, one doesn't know where to look next.

Muslims against Sharia - I was disappointed in you, too after reading the posts at Islam in Action. Don't shame me for commenting upon another blogger's posts - show me where he is mistaken!

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