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American metal, nice.

You know I'm a motorhead, MK.

Unfortunately, after Obama gets through with the American car industry I imagine the streets will resemble Cuba. There will be some primo examples of America's finest cars - all antiques, of course, and then a bunch of broken down POS hybrids.

Pic 2 captured my heart, did you see those Camaro SS's! Awesome!

Yep, saw the (1) chick with the Trans Ams in pic 15, what a shame....

I would sooooo be-headed.....

I knew you would be grooving on this, Twinny. After all you are a motorhead after my own heart. I was digging all those great old Chevy Impalas. (Back in the day I learned to drive stick on my boyfriend's Impala - now that's love.)

And we would BOTH be having our heads on the block over in Iran...

OMG, my dad ORDERED a 1968 Impala with a manual transmission. Even the salesman said (after delivery of course) "good luck trying to sell it".

Learned to drive a 75 Monte Carlo (the longest model they made) in the NEO winter.

I pay homage to those snowy lessons everytime I see my near perfect driving record (one accident, not my fault) bring a lower insurance rate.

Opps, better knock on wood.

Oh yea, you w/ the Yukon and me w/ the Vette, they'd start calling us Ichabod Crane.

"I regret that I have but one head to give for my gas guzzler..."

/paraphrasing Nathan Hale.

P.S. I'm thinking it was a '68 or '69 and the stick was on the column!!! (It was a beautiful car, cherry red, great rims, glass packs and the boy kept it immaculate.)

I knocked on wood for us both and now I need to know more about that Monte Carlo.

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