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The double standard between accepted behavior for members of the State vs Defense Departments annoys some active duty military personnel:


Thanks adagioforstrings. I love Blackfive but hadn't seen this post. The comments there are very interesting and very on point. (Plus wicked funny.)

This whole thing annoys me, too, and after reading this comment from TSO, I was really ticked:

"Same shit in Kabul with regard to the Pub. State Dept and DynCorps had a bar set up on the grounds of Karzai's Palace, but as an army guy assigned as an augmentee, I could only sit there and watch them imbibe."

And then the comment blithely excusing it as a THEME party? Dear me, I saw red.

Atlas points out on her thread on this subject the hypocrisy of Americans not being allowed to own Bibles in Muslim countries, as well as rather graphically pointing out that gay people risk being killed in neighboring cuontries just for being gay.


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