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OMG Dinah, I got into a "pissing" contest with someone at jihad unspun a few years ago. I'm looking through my past posts to see if I wrote anything on it.

It was over the coverage and outright support for the terrorists in the Caucasus/Balkins area. She's linked at a site I get jihadi news updates called Kavkaz.


You'll see her site listed on the right sidebar under "news" links.

Both sites (jihad unspun & kavkaz center) are quite open about the jihad against the infidel.

Here's kavkaz's english home page.
Notice the article on "jihad security tips" at the top!!!!

Off to look for a post....

Nothing yet on jihad unspun, but I did unearth this post about the unknown threat this islamic terror group poses. And no one is following up.


What an idiot, goes to show that ignorance and stupidity can be downright dangerous.

Ooh, Miss J. Thank you for the EXCELLENT linkage. I've been over at Jihad Unspun before and I thought those suckers were phukers until I saw that damn Kavkaz site. That's just sick. What about what appeared to be the jihad porn in the sidebar?

Outrageous. And who are the perps glorified in the header?

Let's talk about this via secret possum post...shall we? I have a few ideas....

D, you're talking about the "Chronicles of Hell" right? Most sickening. I can't believe the EU can't shut this site down.

Yes, shoot me an email to discuss.

Roger that.

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