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wow ur gonna look like the biggest fuckin dumbass when he comes out clean, u racist bitch

"Comes out clean." Hahahahahahaha.

He's as guilty as sin and he's a chickenshit, too.

He waived his Miranda rights and was squealing on his fellow jihadi like the proverbial pig when the feds arrested him.

Trying to cop a deal and save his slimy skin.

Bwa-ha-ha-ahahahahhah! (I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid I'll wet my pants)

HAHA, how ignorant can you people be ? You know there are other languages in the world, and im pretty sure other countries beyond America...including arabic in which "jihad" means to struggle....bunch of ignorants + idiots with no life = people like you who sit on their behinds all day thinking America is the shit (it literally is because of people like yourself)

Go peddle your taqiyyah elsewhere, son. We're hip to your trip here.

"Jihad means loser" (giggle)

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